When grooming a bolognese, the most important thing is to properly maintain their fluffy coat. Brush the coat daily in order to avoid tangling and therefore, cutting the coat short. 

The best is to start grooming at a very yound age, right when you get your puppy. Therefore, he/she will get used to it. You can find several burshes and combs in pet stores as well as conditioners to make the coat tangle-free. 

If you dont't want to take your dog to shows, I would recommend having the coat cut short. It will be way easier to take care of. On dog shows, the coat must be  long and fully detangled, of course.

It's very important to take good care ofthe nails, ears, eyes and the area around them. As bolognese dogs do get tear stains under their eyes, owners need to clean them regularly as it is not a pleasant thing to have brown stains in that beautiful white coat. I am a professional dog groomer therefore I can take on  your dog regardless of the breed.