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I'm Gyöngyi Zsurkán, Gold laurel wreath master breeder, the owner of Pici Pelyhes Bolognese and Bolonka Kennel.
I've always loved dogs ever since I was a child, but I became an absolute fanatic after I bought our first bolognese puppy in 2007. We truly loved her so we decided to buy a show dog in 2009 from Gyöngyösi Pelyhes Kennel, and that's when the fun begins. We bought two other amazing dogs, Valhalla and Asgard, and from 2010 we started to go to national and international dog shows. Our first litter was born in 2012, and we kept Pici Pelyhes Ariel, one of the lovely little puppies. Our second female was Bellona. We have achieved many wonderful results ever since, and the rest is yet to come.
We believe that breeding is about making people's lives happier with wonderful dogs. We make sure that you will get a beautiful and, what's more important, healthy dog who will be your partner in crime for a long time. 
I'm here to provide any information about breeding and dogs' cosmetics.E-mails or calls are welcomed anytime.
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